How to Solve Leash Pulling

How to Solve Leash Pulling

Yeah I know this moment when you try to controle your dog but he keeps disobeying you.

Yes all of us have lived this moment when our dogs and puppies don’t even want to walk on leash, But dogs should be trained and gain behaviors.

In order to have a highly-trained, well-behaved dog follow this ten steps.

  1. Use a head collar or front buckle harness with a regular leash, not a flexible leash
  2. Teach the dog loose-leash walking.
  3. Whenever the dog pulls (the leash goes taut), immediately stop walking or turn and walk in the opposite direction.
  4. Lesson to the dog: When you pull, you’re not going anywhere, or worse, we are going back.
  5. When the leash is slack, start walking again.
  6. Frequently reward the dog with treats and praise when he walks without pulling, and especially for being right by your side.
  7. Walk fast enough for the dog not to get bored and start sniffing and peeing every few minutes.
  8. When you allow your dog to sniff and go potty, deliberately stop and let your dog do his business, perhaps signaling with a phrase like “Go sniff” or “Go potty.” When you’re ready to walk again, say, “Let’s go!” That way, the dog knows when it’s okay to sniff and when he should begin walking again.
  9. Don’t vary leash length by stretching out your arm.
  10. Be consistent. Everyone in the family should use the same rules, cues, and equipment. Don’t ever let the dog pull.

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