Puppy or Adult: What Age of Dog Should You Adopt?

Puppy or Adult: What Age of Dog Should You Adopt?

Although you can get puppies from all the sources of adoption centers, there are some things to consider about the age at which a new dog will join your household.

One advantage of choosing a puppy between eight and ten weeks of age is that the pup is still in the sensitive period of socialization.  This means you still have substantial influence over the puppy’s exposure to people, other dogs, and even other types of animals with which she is likely to share her life.

You will also be in charge of her early learning, so you can protect the vulnerable puppy from overly traumatic experiences and help teach her how to be a welcome and well-behaved member of your community.

On the other hand, adopting a young puppy is not for everyone, since puppies usually go through chewing/teething phases and must learn housetraining, which can be a time-consuming process. 

Not every home is puppy proof enough to weather the newcomer’s likely destructive behavior, and not every dog owner can put up with a puppy soiling the house as she learns where to properly eliminate.

Adopting an adult dog can be a better choice only if she is already well housetrained, well socialized, and has learned what she can and cannot chew.

With an adult, you will often inherit whatever the dog has learned as she grew up (good and bad) and have somewhat less influence on her behavior since the primary socialization period is likely already past.

So now you have a little understanding of what is the difference between a puppy and an adult dog and what are the cons and pros of each one of em, it’s your choice to choose which one you want to proceed with.

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