Suddenly, a canine still waiting for the family that left her in the street and moved out from their apartment for 10 years and they haven’t come back, But the adorable pet have never lost hope, she waits for them trusting that they will return, But till now they never did.

But there is still some great hurts that took care of her by providing food and a doghouse to protect her from rainy and hot sunny days, over the days the pure heart pet start losing her sight through the years.

Poor little young pets, she’s very depressed and feeling unwanted, waiting from someone to get her from this situation and share her love, play games and be happy with her.

But what I keep wondering is how could a family left such a wonderful creature with the best fur and left without feeling bad about or even taking it to a shelter where it can take the minimum care.

She’s very loyal and lovely and this is clear from waiting all that time for someone that left here, She hasn’t even went far away from her doghouse spending all the days walking after passerby hoping  they’re her family but never away from the spot, here you can see the greatness of dogs souls.

What she would do if there weren’t  those neighbors who helped her to overcome struggles, she would probably be dead by now.

The neighbors managed to make a vet know about her situation but the dog’s vet feels that taking her away from her comfort zone will be more harmful so the best thing is just let her in her spot and try to help her.

What you could learn from this is that your pet must not be abandoned whatever your circumstances, you must take care of your loved ones, brave people haven’t left their pets even in hurricanes.

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