After Home For Paws received a text about a homeless dog in Central California, the center didn’t hesitate to drove all the way down from los angeles to meet the little dog, provide some help and get him rescued.

The little was hyper-happy to meet the team as they bring some food for him and played with him.

The team drove back south taking the pet to help him by providing a better atmosphere to live.

The team scan for microchips over his body but like most rescued dogs he didn’t have one.

The lovely pet ‘Happy’ as they named him was so happy to groom his fur and ger ride of all the ticks and fleas.

After that he has the best bubble bath, the dogs was so friendly and very happy. 

Right after receiving all the needed medical care, the Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue center offered to foster and find a new family home for him.

Now Happy is leaving his great life with mazie playing with the rescuing team in the grassland.

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