Why Your Dog Follows You to The Toilet?

Why your dog is following you

Although you love your dog very much, and the best time of your life is when you have him around, There are sometimes when you have to be alone, like going to the toilet, especially if you are living in a family home.

But have you asked yourself what is the reason behind this, and why your dog keep following you really private places ? Well, That what we try to dive in and see what we can know from their reactions.

First, the Dog may not recognize at the beginning that some places are private and you should attend em alone, so by training your dog that he can not be with you in the toilet he wil get it and know that this is a private place, and he may also do the same and save you time cleaning poop on the couch.

Secondly, your dog may be following you to the bathroom due to his animal instincts and mentality, and this  is due to the love they have for you and their friendliness and that they are attached to you in a very strong way. 

Thirdly, it just because they don’t feel safe when you are away from them, so they won’t be left alone in an empty space and this in order to protect a part of their packs.

Whether you like it or not or you just feel special and an extra amount of love because of the thought that your dog couldn’t be separated from you, this is may be back to the nature of the dog as they have no privacy or their safety that they try to provide you with.

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